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Welcome To Pharmatech Distributors - Gel Cushion Products Manufacturer.

For the first time in India we have produced Gel, designed to provide cushioning comfort for various applications. These gel products are cost effective, durable and are better than all available silicon cushioning products. This Dermax Gel material has exceptional gentle feeling on Touch, which almost resembles the human body flesh.
Dermax Gel
is a true gel, will not migrate, leak, melt, evaporate, freeze, harden or dry out even if the gel is punctured accidently.

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Gel Cushion Seats Gel Cushion Seats Gel Cushion Full Bed Mattress Gel Cushion Products
Gel Cushion Seats For Cars

Gel Cushion Pooja Mats

Full Bed Mattress

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Gel Cushion Seats For Wheel Chairs

Coxxyd Cushions

Gel Cushion Mattress For Bed Sores

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